Mud Pump Services

Specializing in various horse power from 550-2200 and all makes and models such as: Oilwell, National, Continental Emsco, Gardner Denver, Ideco, Weatherford, Ellis Williams, and many more……

We have proved our self providing on site inspections and repairs. From as simple as changing extension rod’s and clipper seals to removing crank shafts and completely disassembling. With the supply and demand for your necessary parts and common expendables to get your pump back online Groves Intl has key suppliers that makes each job as cost affective as possible. Ensuring quality without the outrageous prices to go along with it. Using American bearing’s and quality controlled inspected parts.

Please allow us an opportunity to quote you Inspections, Complete refurbishments, Bearing’s, OEM Parts such as Crank Shafts, Connecting rods, Gear sets, Crossheads, Slides, Gasket set’s, Extension rod’s, Seals, Modules, repair modules, Seats, valves, springs, Discharge manifold’s , Suction Manifolds, Liner wash pumps, Belt’s, Chain’s and much more.

Groves intl is reliable and most of all “Honest” We are in the business to tell you the truth of whether it is a simple fix or a pump swap if that option is available. We have set rates on Pump inspections depending on location. Were in the industry to stay busy and keep work ahead of us. By no means do we rack up an enormous invoice with unnecessary parts and labor when in fact there is alignment issues in the pump case or any other problems within the manufacturing of the frame which just made all our labor and parts ineffective and simply pointless. Give Groves Intl a chance to quote you.

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