Drawworks Services

Drawworks are the company’s cream of the crop when it comes to on site service & repair. Groves intl has just like mud pumps, proved them self when it comes to trouble shooting. Working on all makes and models and horse power up to 3000. We live by the 4 main basic rules when it comes to each individual job. Air, Water, alignment and Lubrication.

We ensure 100% performance when we work on them, whether it involves removing a drum shaft, changing brake flanges or up to a complete overhaul. Groves intl gives a fine detailed inspection. Checking the most critical areas that insure safety and peak performance such as the brake system, drive chains, clutches,gears down to the auxiliary brake such as hydromatics, dynamatics and the new dual piston water cooled brakes.

We service all makes & models National, Continental Emsco, Ideco, Oilwell, Sky top, Mid continent, OIME, Cabot, Franks, Wilson and many more. Groves intl also has key suppliers when it comes to bearing’s, chain’s, sprockets,shafts,clutches,brakes and much more. Don’t hesitate to contact us and look forward to better serve you.

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24-Hour Field Service