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About Us

Born a native Houstonian, Christopher J Groves was raised by his grandfather, James “Olen” Groves. After being drafted and serving in Korea, Olen and his brother Carl Leon Groves both hired on at Lee C. Moore in the early 50s as fitters. Olen worked for LCM for 25 years and later moved on to assist in the establishing of Pyramid Manufacturing. Carl remained at Lee C. Moore for 39 years, from where he eventually retired. Olen saw better opportunities and established a good friendship with the founder of Drilling Structures Intl, where he spent the rest of his career until retiring in 2001.

Christopher joined the Marine Corps immediately after graduating high school, and served 4 honorable years in an infantry battalion stationed in Camp Lejeune, NC. Christopher did extensive training throughout his term of service and spent 6 months aboard the USS Kearsarge in the Mediterranean performing patrols and providing security in Kosovo. Upon his discharge, Christopher returned to Houston, where he began his career in the oil industry as a rig mechanic at Texas National Corp., which would soon become Tri-Point Energy. Christopher wanted nothing more than to follow in his Grandfather’s footsteps as a derrick and substructure manufacturer but knew it was too late to learn from “the ol’ man,” as he was slowly dying from renal failure and would eventually pass in September of ’04. Christopher Groves took serious interest in and enjoyed the mechanical side of the industry. He loved the complete tear downs and refurbishments of mud pumps and drawworks. The idea of taking the impossible and bringing it back to—and in some cases better than—OEM specs gave Christopher a whole new aspect on what he chose as a career.

Christopher worked his way up to the service department at Tri-Point Energy, after being mentored by a select few that still remain in the industry today. All of these men have tremendous knowledge and experience, one of them being a 35-year former Continental Emsco employee, one a 25-year National employee and the other a 20-year Oilwell employee. All of the men worked with each individual company prior to the companies merging in the purchase of what we call today NOV. Christopher traveled to West Africa, Mexico, Colombia and the Northern Rockies as a service mechanic. Each and every job was a different challenge and that’s what grew the love for what he had chosen as a career. After some corporation changes in 2005 within Tri-Point Energy, Christopher resigned from that company and went aboard as part of the forming of Master Rig Intl. Christopher worked a year wrenching on equipment and taking a few offshore jobs until he saw in 2006 that it was his time to go on his own.

Christopher was the underdog when he announced the forming of Groves Intl Rig repair. The talk and rude gestures only fueled his desire to do something he knew his grandfather would be proud of. But he never backed down and knocked on doors until getting his first job from the then-great Grey Wolf Drilling. From that moment forward Christopher would slowly form a “hands-on” reputation, where his work would speak for itself. Going through every leap and bound, focusing solely on his dream of establishing an elite service company and giving it his all, he established a good clientele.

Groves International has been pleased to provide service in all major shale plays in the US. Groves international has grown even through 3 downturns and has employed several people. We are proud to call the Permian Basin home and have been focused on expanding our customer base throughout all of west TX and have been since 2012.

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